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That's what the people of Earth were led to believe. Ruled with an iron fist by the tyrannical Authority corporation, 96% of the population are used as Servers, a labor source for their overlords. Forced into brutal factories filled with blood, sweat, and the screams of pained Servers. But that doesn't matter to the Authority, or its leader, the Superior. If the Servers are caught disobeying or not fulfilling a near-impossible work quota, then the Authority's security will immediately slaughter them with no regard.

Existing as a Server seems near-impossible, but society doesn't see a way out of it, including Kierra Reyes, a young fighter who tried (and failed) to find her missing parents. But one day, Kierra hears of a resistance movement, and crosses paths with prodigious revolutionary Erika Mizuki. After Kierra hears Erika give a passionate speech advocating for the Authority's overthrow, her life changes when she ends up saving the revolutionary's life from the Authority's security.

Fueled by her newfound resolve to help Erika destroy the Authority, Kierra becomes Erika's bodyguard, convinces Erika to lead a revolution, and sets out on a dangerous quest to protect the rebel leader, which only intensifies as Erika, known as "Renegade" to the public, immediately sparks revolution everywhere and becomes the Authority's number one enemy. Kierra is willing to do anything to protect Erika, but she soon realizes that it's not just duty that motivates her. It's because Kierra's in love with Erika.

Will Kierra be able to protect her girlfriend? Will Erika lead the revolution to victory? Or will the Authority's control grip the world forever?

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