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About Sydney

Rebelle was written and conceptualized by Sydney Satalino, who was only a 14 year old middle school student when she came up with Rebelle's intricate and unique plot line. 

At a young age, Sydney Satalino's work was recognized by many production companies and a major studio. She has won many fans around the world and racked up many awards for her stopmotions, screenplays and short films. She likes to create action movies, lesbian love stories and anything with a "je ne sais quoi" that makes the film special.

Sydney is most known for Rebelle, which after years of hearing that it wouldn't have an audience, started a social media marketing campaign, unorthodox for an unmade film not based on known IP, that has generated millions of views and earned the script hundreds of thousands of fans. There is no manager, agent or producer/studio attached as of yet, but interested parties can connect with Sydney by email if they want to hear more.

Sydney is autistic, a lesbian and has type 1 diabetes, which all fuel her desire to create films so she can bring behind-the-scenes representation to the film world lacking in both disabled/neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ voices in addition to the female perspective. Outside of filmmaking, she runs a popular American Girl doll blog that has garnered millions of impressions and features on Good Morning America and the Today show, and enjoys watching movies and TV, doll collecting, listening to heavy metal, rock music and K-pop, visiting IMDB, logging every movie she watches on Letterboxd with funny reviews and guessing the domestic box office rankings every weekend. And like every teenager, she is not immune to the power of a good meme, despite everything she's accomplished.

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