Despite having a beating heart, Kierra Mitchell isn’t considered a human being- just like 96% of Earth’s population. Instead, they’re labeled “Servers” and are forced into a life of starvation, suffering and grueling work for the benefit of the world government- the Authority- and the Commander who terrorizes them all.

While everyone else doesn't question the rules of society, Kierra knows that something needs to change. Five years ago, her parents were taken to be “debugged”- the Authority’s mysterious method of putting Servers in their custody and never having them be seen again. With this in her past, Kierra’s annoyed at having to waste her life for the ones that ruined it- until she learns about a revolution meeting.

There, she meets Erika Anderson, a girl with the same wish she has. Sure, they’re both arrested for showing up at the meeting. But hearing Erika speak about taking down the Authority and meeting a pair of boxers in jail brings Kierra to a decision: she needs to start a revolution.

With her newfound training, Kierra becomes the bodyguard to “Renegade”, the revolution’s leader. But she soon discovers that fighting back brings it’s own set of challenges. The revolution grows quickly, but so do the feelings between Kierra and Erika. The Authority’s Security Force is attempting to unmask Erika and stop the revolution for good. And Kierra soon learns that there’s a reason why Erika’s fighting for change- one that brings her a lot of pain. But no matter what this fight throws at her, Kierra won’t stop revolting. If it means that the Servers are free- than she’d do anything for it. But will it work?

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