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Rebelle - March 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the first newsletter for Rebelle!

If you are interested in subscribing, please sign up for an account on the rebel headquarters forums and then these will be emailed to you as soon as they publish!


-16,000 new TikTok followers!

-600 new Instagram followers!

-Roughly 1 million new TikTok views!

This month, we have 2 main topics to address. One's really AWESOME, the other, well, is a bit of a challenge.

Good news first.

REBELLE'S GETTING MORE INDUSTRY ATTENTION! This month, two more management companies and one agency have reached out to me to read the script once it's all done! I'm so excited!

Also, I finished the rough draft at the beginning of this month! So good news on that front.

Now, the elephant in the room. TIkTok might be getting banned in the US. While this might amount to all just talk and whatnot, if this does happen, it will be really hard for Rebelle, considering nearly 99% of the Rebelle fanbase exclusively follows the movie on TikTok.

But there are other options, and I WILL use other options, because I will NOT let the fandom die on my watch!

Of course, the Rebelle Instagram is a great place to go if TikTok gets banned. It's currently just reposts from TikTok, but it will expand if there's no other choice.

Clapper is a new app with the exact algorithm TikTok uses. A lot of people don't have accounts on it yet, and those who do aren't exactly the same age as people on TikTok, but I made an account just in case there is a wider shift.

I'm also going to make a YouTube, and there's always Tumblr too!

(All usernames are @rebellemovie)

And, as always, join the Discord server here:

But yeah. If TikTok goes away, I do NOT want to give up. I don't want this fanbase to die, so please keep supporting the movie, guys!

Now, the last part of the newsletters - what I've been "obsessed" with lately:


TV SHOWS: I've been watching a lot of THE OWL HOUSE so I can be all caught up for the finale. It's so good, and I can't believe it's going to end!

I've also been watching MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR. Again, SO GOOD!

MOVIES: I've been bingeing the ROCKY series with my dad. My favorite so far is ROCKY 2 - they're all really cool, though!

MUSIC: I've been obsessed with The Protomen for the last few months. You've all probably never heard of them, but it's basically a dystopian rock opera with robots in the plotline. Definetly not mainstream, but it's very enjoyable for my niche tastes!

BOOKS: Wait, books? I mean, I'm in English class right now, so we have to be reading. I just recently finished SHE GETS THE GIRL, a lesbian romance novel that was pretty good! I'm now reading CHILDREN OF VIRTUE AND VENGEANCE, which is the sequel to the African-inspired fantasy CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE- the best book I've read in high school. Paramount's turning it into a movie and I absolutely CANNOT wait!

Thanks for the support, rebels! TO THE REVOLUTION!

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